The Family of William & Fanny Finch

Fanny Seward
b. 23 July 1824
Tiverton, Devon
d. 1896 (reg. first quarter) aged 71
Newport, Mon

William Harman Finch
b. 29 March 1818
Pilton/Barnstaple, Devon
Timber Merchant in 1841 and 1851. Accountant in 1871.
d. 27 December 1871
Newport, Monmouthshire
27 December 1843
Church of England parish church
registered at Tiverton, Devon
William is a timber merchant

Twelve children:
including John Guard/George Finch Leicester,
Anna Eliza, William Seward, Richard Eustace, Frances Mary, Emily Jane, Edith Ellen,
Elizabeth Alice, Fanny Seward, Judith Florence, Tom Clifford, John Tudor

William and Fanny Marriage 1843

William Harman Finch was born on 29 March 1818 in Pilton and died 27 December 1871 Newport, Monmouthshire. His parents were John Finch (b. 1779, Pilton, Devon d.19 July 1845) and Mary Guard (b. 1780, Pilton, Devon). They married 29 December 1803 in Pilton, Devon. On the birth certificate, John's occupation is listed as joiner.

John Finch & Mary Guard's children:
Elizabeth Finch baptised 5 Oct 1804, Pilton
Frances Finch baptised 7 Dec 1806
Ellen Finch baptised 23 July 1809
Ann Finch bapt 8 Dec 1811
John Guard Finch bapt 5 May 1814
Fanny Finch
Mary Finch born 17 Dec 1815
William Harman Finch born on 29 March 1818 in Pilton
Judith Guard Finch born 17 Aug 1820

William's father, John Finch (bapt 6 June 1779 Pilton, buried 19 July 1845, Pilton), was born to Mary Harman (d. 26 Dec 1809) and William Finch (d. 15 Dec 1805, Pilton). Mary and William were married 2 September 1770 at Pilton, Devon and had their first child in June 1771. John's siblings are Frances Finch (bapt 24 June 1771, died 9 July 1771, Pilton), Ann Finch (bapt 12 June 1774, died 20 March, Pilton, married John Priscott 20 March 1803, Pilton), Elizabeth (bapt 7 Jan 1776, buried 29 Oct 1781, Pilton) and William Finch (bapt 2 May 1777, d. 9 Sept 1818, Pilton).

When William was born, his father's occupation is listed as joiner.

At the time of the 1841 census, William's father, John Finch, was a corn merchant and they were living at Litchdon Street, Barnstaple. The children in the 1841 census are listed as: Frances (b. 1807, Pilton, Devon), Ellen (b.1810, Pilton, Devon), Mary (b. 1815/6), William, Judith Guard (b.1820/21), Elizabeth Smith (b. 1805/6). William Finch (age 23) in 1841 is listed as a Timber Merchant. The family has a servant living with them called Mary Richards.

William and Fanny's marriage certificate states that John Finch's profession was a Timber Merchant in 1843.

According to Auntie Freda's family tree, the eldest daughter of John and Mary Finch was Elizabeth and she was baptised 5th October 1804 in Pilton. She married and became Elizabeth Smith. She had a daughter, Elizaabeth Ann Smith who was born circa 1836/7 at South Molton, Devon.

Auntie Freda's tree also has William Harman Finch is listed as a timber merchant of Barnstaple, Devon, in 1843 and an accountant in Newport, Monmouthshire in 1871.

Fanny Seward was born 23rd July 1824 in Tiverton, Devon, to Richard and Ann Seward. Richard Seward married Ann Melhuish on 1st January 1798 in Tiverton, Devon.

William Harman Finch and Fanny Seward married in 27 December 1843 in Tiverton. Fanny was about eighteen and her husband was about seven years older. Their first son, John Guard Finch (later George Finch Leicester), was born in Barnstaple, Devon, on 20th October 1844. It's confusing since John Guard Finch married a Fanny and his mother was called Fanny!

According to the 1851 and 1861 census forms, Fanny and William Harman Finch's other children included: Ann Eliza (b. 1846/7), William Seward (b. 1848/9), Richard Eustace Finch (b. 1849/50), Frances Mary Finch (b. 1850/5), Edith Ellen (b.1854/5), Emily Jane (b. 1855/6), Elizabeth Alice (b.1859/60), Fanny Seward (b.1861/2), Judith Florence (b. 1862/3), Tom Clifford (b. 1868/9). The 1851 census states that William H Finch was a Timber Merchant.

By 1851, William's mother (Mary Finch) was a widow at age 71. She was living on some sort of pension. Her sister, Ann Guard, (age 61) lived with her. Elizabeth Smith (age 46) is also listed as a widow and a proprietor of Houses and her daughter Elizabeth is age 14. William's other siblings are in the same household: Frances (age 44), Ellen (age 41), Mary (age 30???35) and Judith (age 30) are all unmarried. The family is living at Westside Street in Pilton according to the 1851 census. All the daughters (Elizabeth, Frances, Ellen, Mary and Judith) had the occupation of "Proprietor of Houses". Mary's grandson, John Guard Finch (age 6) was present on the day of the census.

In 1871, Wm H Finch (53) and Fanny Finch (46) were liivng at 9 Morgan Street, Newport, Monmouthshire with their children: Anne Eliza Richards (24), Emily Finch (15), Edith Ellen Finch (14), Elizabeth Alice Finch (11), Fanny Seward Finch (9), Judith Florence Finch (8), Tom Clifford Finch (2). William was an accountant. His daughter Ann Eliza was a widow and owner of a candle works. The other children are listed as "scholar."

In the 1881 census, Fanny Finch (56) is living at 195 Commercial Street, Newport, Monmouthshire .She is listed as a widow. Also living at the same address Fanny Finch (age 19) listed a sister-in-law but she must be her daughter Fanny. Also at the same address is Herbert and Florence Williams (age 4 and 1) listed as son and daughter but they are Fanny Finch's (nee Seward) grandchildren and the children of her daughter Emily. Another mystery.

In the 1881 census, Judith Florence (now called Florence) and her younger brother, Tom C Finch, are living at No. 1 Blewitt Terrace with their sister, Elizabeth Alice and her husband, Robert James Willcocks (R J Willcocks). Valentine Charles (age 40) and wife Ann Eliza (age 34) are living at No. 3 Blewitt Terrace. Valentine is an organist and professor of music and is listed as blind.

In 1891 census, Fanny Finch is living at 64 Woodland Road, Newport, Monmouthshire. Her daughter Fanny is still living with her mother. Also at the same address, Emily Finch (daughter-in-law) and her children believed to be Winifred, Wilma (male), Ernest and Reginald. I don't know who this Emily is.

(The Finch census researched and shared by Anthony Barrier of Alkham, Kent, England.)


1. John Guard Finch (George Finch Leicester / Mr Geo F. Leicester)
b. 20th October 1844
Barnstaple, Devon

m. Fanny Dorothea Southbeer 1 Nov 1865, Oldham, Lancashire
d. 23 June 1916

Newport, Monmouthshire

2. Ann Eliza Finch
b. 1846/7
born Barnstaple, Devon
married Thomas Richards in 1870 in Newport, Monmouthshire
married Valentine Charles in 1874 in Newport

Ann Eliza was widowed at time of the 1871 census (not found a match for Thomas in the deaths index).
In 1871 census, Ann Eliza Richards was back living with her parents. She was the owner of a candle works.
In 1874, Ann Eliza married Valentine Charles in Newport.
In 1881, Florence and Tom C Finch are living at 1 Blewitt Terrace and Valentine and Ann Eliza are living at No. 3.
There is one child Fanny Elizabeth Charles born 1878, she died in 1884.
Valentine is listed as blind.
In 1891, Ann and Valentine are still living at the same address on Blewitt Terrace.
Valentine was age 50 and a professor of music.Ann Eliza is listed as age 44 and occupation is a vocalist.
In 1901, Valentine is listed as a widower (age 60) and is living with a younger brother (William James Charles age 49) and his family. Valentine is a Professor of Music. (Ann Eliza not found in the deaths index.)
In 1911, Valentine Charles (71) is a widower and is listed as a "musican (Harpist)"
living alone in Newport, Monmouthshire.

(In the 1861 census there is a V Charles living at a school for the blind in Southwark.
He is the right age (21) and was born in Tintern and working as a basket maker.)

3. William Seward Finch
b. 1848/9
died in 1865, Newport, Mon.

4. Richard Eustace Finch
b. 1849/50
married 1877 in London to Frances Jane Brimfield (b. 1843 London)
(Frances is the daughter of George Brimfield and Elizabeth Wathen and her sister is Rosa Brimfield b.1845 d. 1895)

Five children:
i. Rosa Elizabeth W Finch b. last quarter 1878 in Newport, Monmouthshire
ii. Minnie Seward Finch b. 1880 in Newport, Monmouthshire (1901 occupation is shop assistant)
iii. Edith Annie Finch b. 1882, Newport, Monmouthshire
iv. John Tudor Finch b. 1885, Newport, Monmouthshire
v. Hubert Tudor Finch b. 188,5 Newport, Monmouthshire

In 1881 census the family are living at 36 Tunnel Terrace, Newport, Monmouthshire. Richard (age 33) and Frances (age 36). Richard is listed as having the occupation of Berthing Master (Dock). Rosa is age 2 and Minnie is age 1.
In 1891, Richard is 43 years old and his wife is 42 years old.Rosa is 12, Minnie is 11, Edith is 8?, son is ?

In the 1901 census, Rosa Elizabeth has married and is now Rosa Elizabeth Gray.
She has a daughter Edna Gray b. 1900 in Cardiff.
They were living at 14 Bede Road, Cardiff. Richard's occupation is Furniture Packer.
(Possible marriage of Rosa Finch to Frederick Henry Grey in Lambeth in second quarter in 1900.)

In the 1911 census, Minnie Seward Finch (30) and her husband William Lewis (33) and their daughter Marjorie Lewis (6 months) are living in Cardiff in a 7 room house. Her mother Francis Jane Finch (65) is living with them. Her brother John Tudor Finch (26) isa mechanic and living theer too.William Lewis is a grocer's assistant.

5. Frances Mary Finch
b. 1850/51
married George Pitt in 1874 in Swansea
d. 1894 in Lymington, Hampshire

In the 1881 census his occupation was Master Draper employing 1 boy.
1891 he was an Assurance Agent.
1901 he was a Prudential Assurance Agent.

Six children found:
i. William George T Pitt born 1875 Lymington, Hampshire.
ii. Louisa Annie Pitt born 1877 Lymington, Hampshire.
iii. Fanny Margaret Pitt born 1879 Lymington, Hampshire.
iv. Bessie Maria Pitt born 1880 Lymington, Hampshire.
v. Thomas Hubert Pitt born 1881 Lymington, Hampshire.
vi. Edith Mary Pitt born 1883 Lymington, Hampshire.

Frances Mary died in 1894 and George Pitt remarried in 1898 (Louisa Jane Woods).
If you would like the census sheets let me know.

6. Emily Jane Finch
b. 1855 Barnstaple, Devon.
married James Williams in 1875, Newport, Mon.
(He was from Ireland and his occupation in 1891 was Master Mariner.)

2 children found:
i. Herbert Williams born 1877 Newport, Mon.
ii. Florence Williams born 1880 Newport, Mon.

7. Edith Ellen Finch
b. 1854/5

born 1857 Newport, Monmouthshire.

The 1891 census says that Edith Finch (age 34) is a domestic servant at Holmes View, Stow Park Crescent, Newport.

8. Elizabeth Alice Finch
b. 1859 Newport, Monmouthshire
married Robert James Willcocks in 1879, Newport, Monmouthshire.
Robert died in 1898.

In the 1881census, Elizabeth (called Lily E in the census) at age 21 and R J Willcocks at age 27
are living at 1 Blewitt Terrace, Newport.Robert is a railway clerk.
They are living with Elizabeth's younger siblings, Judith Florence (age 17) and Tom Clifford (age 12). Charles Lewis (age 25) is living with them as a boarder and is a telegraph clerk. [note Judith marries a Charles Lewis in 1890?]
Robert James was from London and in 1891 was working as a Railway Clerk for the Great Western Railway.

2 children found:
i. Mabel Alice Willcocks born 1890 in Cardiff.
ii. Hector Roy Lewis born 1901? Newport, Monmouthshire.

In the 1901 census, Elizabeth is listed as a widow and working as a hospital sick nurse, and her daughter Mabel is with her.

In the 1911 census, Elizabeth Alice Willcocks (51) is a hospital trainer nurse. Her son, Hector Roy Lewis (10) is a scholar. Her neice, Mabel Alice Willcocks (20) is an elementary teacher. They lived at 58 ? Road, Newport in a nine room house. They had three boarders living with them - one from Australia and one from India.

9. Fanny Seward Finch
1862 Newport, Monmouthshire
married Alfred Augustus Morgan 1895 Newport, Monmouthshire.

He was from Cardiff. No occupation is recorded in the 1901 census.

1 child to date:
i. Violet Morgan born 1899 Newport, Mon.

10. Judith Florence Finch
b. 1863 Newport, Monmouthshire
married Charles Lewis in 1890?

In the 1881 census, Judith Florence (age 17 and now called Florence) and her younger brother,
Tom C Finch (scholar age 12), are living at No. 1 Blewitt Terrace with their older sister,
Elizabeth (age 21 and now called Lily) and her husband, Robert James Willcocks (age 27).
A boarder, Charles Lewis (age 25 and born in Hereford) is listed as living with them and is a telegraph clerk.
Valentine and Ann Eliza are living at No. 3 Blewitt Terrace.

(Possible marriage of Florence Judith Finch to Charles Lewis in 1890 in Newport.
In the 1891 census, Charles(age 35) and Florence Lewis (age 27) are living at 23 York Place in Newport.
Charles is a Post Office clerk
In the 1901 census, Charles (age 45) and Florence (age 37) are living at 73 Risca? Road, Newport.
Their daughter Gertrude is 9 years old and their son Hector R. is 10 months old Charles is a Post Office clerk.

11. Tom Clifford Finch
1868 Newport, Monmouthshire
married Elizabeth M Whelan 1893 in Newport, Mon. She was from Manchester.

Census 1901 Tom's occupation listed as Master Mariner.(Tom's listing in the Master Mariner's Register.)
Census 1911 Tom's occupation is now coal miner (working underground). They had five rooms at 17 Meadow Street, Monmouthshire. Tom is 44 and Elizabeth is 43 and children Norah (17), Kathleen (13), Edward (10), William (9), and Margaret (5).

6 children found:
i. Norah Finch born 1895 Newport, Mon.
ii. Elizabeth Finch born 1896 Newport, Mon.
iii. Kathleen Finch born 1898 Cardiff.
iv. Edward Bruce Finch born 1901 Cardiff.
v. William Finch born 1902? Cardiff
vi. Margaret Finch born 1906? Cardiff

????12. John Tudor Finch
b. 1885 Newport, Monmouthshire

In 1901 census, John has the occupation of Painter's Apprentice.