The Family of Fred & Alice Ann Aldous

Alice Ann Hirst was born in Hadfield, Derbyshire on 14th April 1856. In the 1881 British Census, there is an Alice A. Hirst who was born to Mary and David Hirst and lists her as a cotton weaver. She was the eldest of four daughters.

Frederick Aldous was born 14th September 1855 in Islington, London, to Caroline Aldous. His father is named on his birth certificate as Charles Bartrop of Sidney Street, Islington, who was a stoker at the gas works. His mother's address on Frederick's birth certificate is stated as: 23 Canal Terrace, York Road, Islington. Frederick was the youngest of three brothers.

When he was nearly twenty, Fred was baptised on 8th August 1875 in the Independent Chapel at Padfield. Fred worked at a local cotton mill as his mother had done.

Alice Ann Hirst
b. 14 April 1856
Hadfield, Derbyshire
d. 24 September 1913
Victoria Park, Manchester

Frederick Aldous (Fred I)
b. 14 September 1855
Islington, London
d. 22 February 1936
"Lynton", Buxton Road, Chinley

15 February 1882
Tintwistle Independent Chapel


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Aldous Family Tree by Freda
Aldous Family Tree
handwritten by Auntie Freda
showing descendents of Fred Aldous I and Alice Ann Hirst

Alice Ann Hirst married Fred Aldous (I) on 15th February 1882 at Tintwistle Independent Chapel, Cheshire, where they had probably met. Alice Ann was a weaver at the time of their marriage and Fred was a clerk in a cotton mill.

After he was married, Fred worked as a warehouseman for "Messrs. Holt and Jones", Willow and Cane Merchants, Yeast and Wine and Spirit importers. He then briefly worked for Joseph Howard as his warehouseman. Then in 1886, Fred established his own firm at 3 Elbow Street in Manchester called Fred Aldous. He imported Cane and Willow.

Manchester Business Street Directory
Fred Aldous is listed as a willow merchant at "Hatter Street @ Marshall Street"

Alice Ann and Fred had six children from 1882 to 1896. Their four daughters were: Annie, Ethel, Carrie and Alice. Their two sons were: Fred and Frank.

STANDING: Fred Aldous SITTING: Frank Aldous

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Ethel, (driver holding horse whip), Annie, Fred, Frank,
Alice Ann with Carrie on her knee and baby Alice in blanket, Fred Aldous with beard

Alice Ann had a grocery shop in Hadfield during the time that her children were growing up.
Alice Ann and Fred lived in Hadfield until they moved to Manchester to be near to Fred's business.

The Aldous family found 10 Park Avenue, Manchester for their first home and this is where Frederick (Fred Aldous II) was born on 14th November 1889. Frederick’s birth certificate states that his father was “an importer of foreign goods”.

According to the 1901 British Census, the family lived at 7 Albert Road, in South Manchester. It states Fred's profession as Willow Stock & Yeast Merchant. Their children are listed as Annie 18, Ethel 13, Fred 11, Frank 9, Carrie 7, Alice 5.

Fred Aldous School Record
Almost half way down the list, it says Aldous, Frederick and his date of birth and address is 7 Albert Road.
It must have been a list for Ducie Avenue School in Manchester where he attended until 1902 (about age 12).

They lived in many homes in Manchester until they found "Edale", 37 Anson Road, Victoria Park, which was their family home for sixteen years (1908-1924). All their children probably lived with them at Edale since Anne never married and Ethel got married in 1916 and we know that Fred and Addie lived there when they were first married.

The 1911 census shows proof that all six children lived at Edale. It says Annie was twenty-eight, Ethel was twenty-three, Fred was twenty-one, Frank was nineteen, Carrie was seventeen, and Alice was fifteen. It lists Fred and Alice Ann Aldous as having six children with none who died. They had been married for twenty-nine years by April 1911. Frederick is listed as a Willow and Cane Merchant and an employer, Annie was a Kindergarten teacher for Stretford Council, Frederick Jr and Frank were both clerks for their father's business in a Willow and Cane Warehouse. The address is given as Edale, Anson Road, Victoria Park, Manchester.

Taken outside of Edale, 37 Anson Road, Victoria Park, about 1910/12 (maybe by Frank)
LEFT TO RIGHT: Alice, Ethel, Fred, Anne, Carrie

Alice Ann died 24th September 1913 at Edale, Manchester.

Fred Aldous (I) had about six years of retirement at Thornton and Southport. He died 22nd February 1936, while living with his daughter Carrie and her husband Ewart in Chinley on Buxton Road.

Their son, Fred Aldous, married into the Finch Leicester family when he married Adelaide Phyllis Finch Leicester in 1918.


Annie Aldous
b. 20 December 1882
Hadfield, Derbyshire


Ethel Aldous
b. 29 May 1887
Hayfield/Hadfield, Derbyshire


Frederick Aldous II (Fred)
b. 14 November 1889
Manchester, Lancashire


Frank Aldous
b. 1 February 1891
Chorlton, Manchestere, Lancashire


Carrie Aldous
b. 27 March 1894
Chorlton, Manchester, Lancashire


Alice Aldous
b. 12 February 1896
Chorlton, Manchester, Lancashire