The Family of Jonathan & Mary Shaw

Mary Shaw
b. 1806
Meltham, Yorkshire

Jonathan Shaw
b. 1801
Meltham, Yorkshire
? Yorkshire

Jonathan Shaw was born around 1801 and Mary was born in about 1806.
They were both born in Meltham, Yorkshire.

Their daughter Mary Shaw was born in Almondbury (1881 census) Meltham (1871 census), Yorkshire. She later became Mary Hirst and the mother of Alice Ann Hirst.

Between 1826 and 1840, Jonathan Shaw and Mary ? had six children: Mary Shaw, Elizabeth Shaw, Martha Ann Shaw, Jane Shaw, Alice Shaw, and Maria Shaw.

It says in the 1841 census that Jonathan Shaw was a stone mason (age 40). He and his wife Mary (age 35) lived in Meltham with their five daughters. Their daughters are listed as Mary (15), Jane (12), Martha (5), Elizabeth (3), Maria (1).

By the 1851 census, Jonathan (52) and Mary Shaw (48) had moved and were living in Hadfield., Derbyshire. Jonathan was still a mason but the rest of the family were working in the local cotton mills. Elizabeth (22) was now a winder, Martha Ann (15) is a weaver, Jane Shaw (13) is also a weaver, Alice (8) is a scholar. Their daughter Mary (24) is now married and is called Mary Hirst and is a winder in the cotton mills. Her husband is David Hirst (26) and is a weaver. Mary and David's daughters are Mariah Hirst (4) and Emma Jane Hirst (6 weeks old) and they were born in Padfield, Derbyshire.

in 1861?

David (36) and Mary (34) Hirst were in Glossop at the time of the 1861 census. David was a cotton weaver and Mary was working as a House Keeper. Their children were all daughters and born in Padfield, Derbyshire: Mariah (14), Emma Jane (10), Rachel (7), Alice Ann (4), Mary Ellen (2), Elizabeth Ann (4 days). Mariah is already working in the cotton mills as a cotton weaver. Emma Jane was a ?tenter?

In 1871, David (46) and Mary (44) Hirst are living in the parish of Padfield in Glossop. Emma Jane (20) is a cotton weaver, Rachel Hirst (17) and Alice Ann (14) were all cotton weavers. It says that Rachel was born at 22 Biscroft? In 1882, Alice Ann Hirst married into the Aldous family when she married Frederick Aldous when she was twenty-five. Alice Ann was a weaver at the time of her marriage.


1. Mary Shaw

2. Elizabeth Shaw
b. about 1829
3. Martha Ann Shaw
b. about 1836
4. Jane Shaw
b. about 1838
5. Maria Shawb. about 1840
6. Alice Shaw
b. about 1843