Chris Aldous

Christopher Frederick Aldous (Chris) was born in Chapel en le Frith on 17th May 1927; the fourth son and fifth child of Addie and Fred.Chris was given his name by his oldest sister, Freda, who was learning about St Christopher at school the day he was born. His first home was at Long Lane, Chapel.

During the Second World War, Chris attended Ackworth Quaker Boarding School near Pontefract in West Yorshire. The intention at one point had been for Chris to be evacuated to New Zealand because of the war. He stayed at Ackworth until he gained his leaving certficate.

Chris kept rabbits. When he was fifteen years old, he started mating rabbits. Chris made a record of his purchases and their breeding successes, entitled “Rabbit Accounts”, written in a notebook.

Chris went to Loughborough Agricultural College for three years. During his school holidays and after college, Chris worked in the family business, Fred Aldous Ltd.

Johanna Crudge and Chris met at Fred Aldous Ltd where they were both working. Johanna got a job there because Chris' father (Fred Aldous II) had his lunch everyday at a restaurant called The Ragland. Fred thought that she was very good at her job as a cashier and so offered her job at Fred Aldous Ltd. to do the same thing.

Johanna was from Ireland and born in Clonakilty, County Cork, on 3rd March 1928. She was a Catholic and she always said that she would never marry a farmer. Chris had been brought up a Christian Scientist and was clear that he would never marry a Catholic: so they compromised and Chris became a Catholic and Johanna became a farmer's wife.

BACK ROW: Ted Leicester Finch, ?, Dorothy, Priest, Alan, Jack
MIDDLE ROW: Fred Aldous, Joan, Marjorie, David, Johanna, Chris, ?, Freda, Hilda
FRONT ROW: Rosalind, Mrs Crudge, sister of Johanna, Addie, Lily Finch Leicester, Violet Leicester Finch

Johanna Crudge
b. 3 March 1928
Clonakilty, Ireland
d. 13 April 1987

Christopher Aldous (Chris)
b. 17 May 1927
Chapel en le Frith
d. 16 Dec 2006

20 June 1950


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Chris and Johanna married on 20th June 1950 in Manchester and had a Catholic wedding. They lived at Stoneheads, Whaley Bridge. Chris worked for a farmer up there.

Jack and Joan saw quite a lot of Chris and Johanna when they lived at Stoneheads which was just a few hundred yards up the road from their home in Whaley Lane. When Johanna was expecting their first child in 1951, Jack was on call as duty driver. The call came in the middle of Michael’s 12th birthday party. There was concern that the baby might arrive on the way to the hospital some 15 miles away. Jack went to Stoneheads to take Johanna to the hospital but the doctor saved his bacon and arrived shortly after him and delivered Robert at Stoneheads.

Eventually, Chris, with his dad’s help, managed to find a farm at Biggin with 37 acres of land.Whilst they lived at Biggin Farm, their three children were born: Susan (1953), Graham (1958) and Mary (1966).

They were members ofSt Anne's Catholic Church. They attended mass every Sunday morning as a family. Chris valued the sacraments and liked to say the rosary every day.

The family later moved to Tom Thorn, Thornhead Farm.

Chris came back into the family business when his Dad needed help after Alan passed on in 1966 who was a Director. He was Managing Director of Fred Aldous Ltd for twenty-six years until his retirement.

Chris was happy when he was working and was not afraid of hard physical labour. Those who worked with him at Fred Aldous remember the sight of Chris unloading heavy bundles of cane sweating freely and steam rising from the top of his head. Chris would often whistle when he was happy.

Johanna sadly passed away on 13 April 1987 in Buxton. Chris and Johanna had been married for thirty-seven years.

Robert Frederick Aldous
b. 24 March 1948
Stoneheads, Whaley Bridge


Susan Mary Margaret Aldous
b. 17 October 1953
Biggin, Derbyshire


Graham Christopher Aldous
b. 29 July 1958
Biggin, Derbyshire


Mary Frances Phyllis Aldous
b. 22 December 1966
Stockport. Cheshire



Chris & Peggy Aldous

Margaret Martyn (Peggy) nee O'Mara
b. 27 June 1927
Cappoquin, County Waterford, Ireland
Christopher Aldous (Chris)
b. 17 May 1927
Chapel en le Frith
d. 16 Dec 2006
Buxton, Derbyshire
14 April 1989
Buxton, Derbyshire


Chris married Peggy (Margaret Martyn) on 14th April 1989 in Buxton. They lived happily together in Fairfield, Buxton.

Peggy was born Margarent O'Mara in Cappoquin, County Waterford, Ireland. She was married to Tom Martyn for thirty-seven years and they had eight children together.

Chris had many hobbies including gardening, craftwork, reading, swimming, dancing, playing the keyboard and travelling.

Chris and Peggy travelled together to New Zealand and Australia to see relatives.

Chris lived at The Branksome Nursing Home for a few years. He passed on 16th December 2006 in hospital with family at his bedside. His funeral took place on Friday, 22nd December and was conducted by Father Dennis Higgins at St Anne's Catholic Church, Terrace Road, Buxton.