Rosalind Aldous

Rosalind Phyllis Aldous (Ros) was the last and seventh child born to Addie and Fred Aldous. Rosalind was born 10th October 1938 at 6.40pm at St John’s Nursing Home, St John’s Road, Buxton. She was quite a surprise! Her big sister, Freda, was about nineteen when she was born and her youngest sister, Dot, was eight. Rosalind had four brothers, Jack, Alan, David, and Chris. Her first home was at 7 Spencer Road, Buxton.

Ros went to Miss Betty’s kindergarten. It was at the far end of Hockerley Lane off Whaley Lane. When she was five, she went to her first school, the Council School in Whaley Bridge.

At age twelve, Ros attended Ackworth which was a Quaker School in Yorkshire.
The effects of WWII were still felt with rationing of food. Rosalind often recalls how the butter allowed per person was only a very small and thin patty.

Ros left Ackworth at age sixteen after finishing her o-level examinations. Ros worked for the family business after she left school until she had her first child. She went to Loreburn College to learn shorthand and typing; on a day release from Fred Aldous Ltd.

Rosalind had her first date with Trevor Leach on a coach trip to a Christian Science lecture on 25th May 1961. Trevor is the only son of Freda and Tom Leach. He grew up in Buxton and he attended the same Christian Science Sunday School as Ros, in Buxton.

Rosalind & Trevor Leach

Trevor Leach
b. 17 March 1946
Salford, Lancashire
Rosalind Phyllis Aldous
b. 10 October 1938
Buxton, Derbyshire
9 March 1968
Fairfield, Buxton, Derbyshire

LEFT TO RIGHT: Freda Leach, Freda Fidler, David Southwell, Trevor, Rosalind, Dot, Addie & Fred Aldous

Their wedding took place at St. Peter’s Church, Fairfield on Saturday 17th March 1968. The Rev. G.F. Craven conducted the ceremony and the organist was Mr. Colin Manterfield. Her sisters, Mrs. Freda Fidler and Mrs. Dorothy Milner, were matrons of honour. Mr. David Southwell was best man and the groomsman was Mr. Herbert Yeomans, while Mr. Peter Yeomans and Mr. John Yeomans were the ushers. They had fifty guests at their reception at the Leewood Hotel, They honeymooned in London

Trevor and his best man
Rosalind and her father
Those who attended the wedding reception at the Leewood Hotel, Buxton:

FRONT ROW: David Southwell, Freda Leach, Fred Aldous, Addie Aldous, Catie Milner, Dorothy Milner,
Ros and Trevor Leach, Freda Fidler
BEHIND: Peggy and Arthur Tomkins, Flo Womersley, Mr Chapman, Roger Jones, Jennifer Howe (now Jones), Edith Chapman (with big hat), Doris Jones, Johanna Aldous, Cyril and Joyce Campbell, Malcolm Campbell, Christopher Aldous, Susan Aldous, Robert Aldous, Alan and Irene Cleaver, Lynne Southwell, Bert Yeomans, Hazel and John Yeomans, Peter Yeomans, Stan and Mim Mitchell, Graham Aldous, Nicholas Milner
BACK ROW: Peter Milner, Eric Jones, Sampson Fidler, Lew and Ciss Leicester, Jack Aldous, Alice Aldous,
Joan Aldous, John Aldous

Ros and Trevor had their first child in 1968 and in 1971 their son, Richard was born.

The family moved to the Isle of Man in 1973. They lived in Peel right beside the sea.

Ros likes to watch football - like her Grandma Lily did. Trevor likes to watch gold, snooker and tennis.

Family in Peel 1974
Family in Peel 1974


Karen Leach
b. 1968





Richard Thomas Leach
b. 1971